ArriScape is currently open-beta & Pre-Development
Hello to all of my loyal members, as you may have noticed, the server has been out of operation for 24-48 Hours. Not only am I proud to announce that it is now back online, but also that there has been MANY changes and improvements to the code. Unfortunately, your player files are unable to be converted due to the change of items within the server, BUT, in compensation of your skills, all players will receive donator points and a double XP event will be held daily when most players are online!
In addition to this all, the cache has changed for the server and you must DELETE your cache folder before updating the client otherwise you will be unable to log into the server. The cache folder "ArriCache" is located in your "C:/Users/YOURUSER/".
Once again I'd like to thank you all for your patience, I hope you all had a wonderful thanks giving! Patch notes will be posted soon!

Hello yall,
I'd like to announce that you can now be rewarded 10 donator points for each player you refer to ArriScape!
In order for you to be rewarded:
  • 1) The player(s) must have registered on the forums using your referral link, or by entering your forum username in the referral box during registration.
  • 2) The player(s) must have introduced themselves in the introduction section of the forums.
  • 3) The player(s) must be a member of the Discord.
  • 4) The player(s) must have at least 5 vote points.

Once your referrals have fulfilled the requirements, pm me on Discord to receive your points!